Meet Our Staff

Jeff Bragg Sr., L.H.I.S.

CEO, Bragg Family Hearing Aid Centers

JR Bragg, L.H.I.S.

President, Bragg Family Hearing Aid Centers

Jeff Bragg Sr. is the CEO of Bragg Family Hearing Aid Centers and is a nationally recognized hearing aid expert that has been fitting hearing aids in the state of Oklahoma for more than 37 years. Beginning in 1980, Jeff has helped thousands of people hear better, while also working with the Hear Now Foundation to help provide hearing devices for those who did not have the means to get them. It was Jeff’s singular vision of personalized patient care that has been the foundation of which everything Bragg Family Hearing Aid Centers was built on. Jeff lives in Oklahoma City with his wife, Brenda, and has two children, a son, Jeff Bragg Jr., and a daughter, Heather.

Jeff Bragg Jr., or “JR” is the director of operations at Bragg Family Hearing Aid Centers. Starting at the age of 6, Jeff began repairing hearing aids in his father’s office and never looked back. A proud alumnus of the University of Oklahoma and a dedicated practitioner, Jeff has gained the invaluable experience that comes with growing up in the hearing healthcare profession and has been a licensed specialist for over 8 years. Before opening Bragg Family Hearing Aid Centers, JR was honored as one of the top professionals in his field by All American Hearing, a nationally recognized hearing systems fitting innovator. JR is also a member of the International Hearing Society and the Hearing Loss Association of America. Jeff lives in OKC with his son, Eli.

Rita Johnston, PSC

Patient Service Coordinator

Rita Johnston - Bio Coming Soon

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