What to Expect

“The secret of caring for the patient ….

…is caring for the patient. “

- Dr. Francis Peabody

At Bragg Family Hearing Aid Centers, our patients can count on a few reasonable expectations. Firstly, we treat every single patient with the same focus and the same care, no matter how mild or severe the hearing loss is. We know that our patients depend on us for their ability to enjoy their lives to the fullest and understand the investment in time and money that has been made in us. We don’t ever want that investment to be a poor one, and make every effort to treat our patients like part of our family.

When you arrive at the office, we will have a little bit of paperwork for you to fill out. This takes about 15 minutes, so if you are a new patient, please arrive 15 minutes before you scheduled appointment if possible. We will then bring you back and spend time getting to know your hearing health history, your concerns, your needs, and your lifestyle. This way, we can best understand what the most effective care plan will be for you going forward.

After determining how we can best serve you, we will proceed to the testing area, where we will use video otoscopy to identify any visible issues with the outer ear. At this point, we will also perform cerumen management (cleaning out your ears) if this is needed. We will then run a full diagnostic hearing evaluation, including a live speech test, at no cost, including air and bone conduction testing, word recognition testing, and obtain scores for you SRT, or speech reception threshold. Each of these tests will help us understand your hearing loss and what will work best for you.

After testing, each patient will have their hearing loss fully explained to them. This seems like a simple step, but it is one that we often hear is missed. We know our patients need to be a integral part of their care plan, and feel that understanding you hearing loss is a very important step towards recovery. If a medical issue has occurred, we will take the necessary steps to make sure you are properly assisted in that regard. If we find that a fitting may be beneficial to you, we will demonstrate live hearing aids on you, fit to your prescription, so that we will be able to find out if a hearing system would be right for you. We will then finalize our findings and work with you to provide you with the best solution possible.

Each patient is a different, personal case. Our expectation for you at Bragg Family Hearing Aid Centers is that provide you with the best hearing healthcare experience you’ve ever had or will have. We hope to see you soon.  

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