Fitting, Programming, and After Care

A Multi-Step Process

Have you ever picked up a hearing aid for the first time and on your way out heard something like,

“Call if you have any problems?”

We believe that the proper fitting of a new hearing device should not be a one time “pick up appointment”, and instead should be approached with personalized treatment plan.

We admit it. Hearing aids are not perfect, and hearing loss can be complicated. We specialize in handling severe or complicated cases that have not found success elsewhere. On your delivery date, your practitioner will go over your personal, needs based treatment plan with you to help meet your goals and your needs.

Even as the hearing aid ages and your hearing loss progresses, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure the best possible outcome.

As with any other healthcare concern, it is important to have your hearing regularly tested. Each year, we will have you visit our office for a complete annual retest to update your records and adjust your  hearing aid with the most accurate test results possible, year in and year out.

And REMEMBER…every single service listed above is provided at no charge to our patients…FOR LIFE.

Once we both believe that you are ready to be on your own for a little while, we will set up a 3 month check up appointment. This appointment will primarily be used to run diagnostics on the hearing aid, adjust the programming for any minor issues, and also will be used to perform additional testing, such as in-situ audiometry, if needed. This testing procedure uses actual live response from the hearing aid, retesting your hearing to find out what areas you have improved on and what areas can still use improvement.

Your custom fitting on deliver will be followed by 2-4 follow up appointments depending on your needs. These appointments will allow us to modify the fit and make necessary environmental programming changes based on the feedback that you provide. We will also provide aural rehabilitation tools and counseling to help you begin to recognize sounds properly again.

Step 2

3 Month Check up and performance evaluation

Step 1

Hearing Aid Delivery and Follow Ups

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Routine Maintenance

Annual Testing

Continued Support

Believe it or not, hearing aids, just like cars or other devices, needs quarterly maintenance to run efficiently. Every three months, we will have you bring your hearing aid in to the office for a quick, 15 minute cleaning and parts replacement (at no charge) to make sure your hearing aids continue to work well now and in the future.

As you become a more experienced hearing aid wearer, we will continue to provide support in every way possible.  Whether a new environment calls for an adjustment, aural rehabilitation, or even the occasional ear cleaning, we will help guide you to better hearing.